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To sign up for your @gambacorta.com email please follow these steps:

  1. Email webmaster@gambacorta.com to check availability of your email address. We aim to respond within 72 working hours;
  2. Upon confirmation of availability, please send the exact amount through Paypal (www.paypal.com) to webmaster@gambacorta.com;
  3. Upon receipt of the funds, the email account will be activated within 72 working hours.

These pages have been set up by members of the Gambacorta family based in Italy.
The spirit of the website is to provide a link for all Gambacorta relatives. Hence it is provided as a not-for-profit service. Fees are meant to cover costs associated with maintaining the domain (webhosting, registration charges, etc).

Unfortunately, direct support from us (Gambacorta.com) is not available. However, technical support is usually available from our Internet Service Provider, Everyone.net.

Please email support@gambacorta.com with any queries/comments.

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